Border Collie Sangha

About us


Following a number of retreats held at Wiston Lodge, some organised by the Wild Geese Sangha and some by the Border Collie Sangha , a small number of us living and working at Wiston Lodge or nearby have set up the Border Collie Sangha.

We meet on Tuesday or Wednesday evenings at 7.30 pm for an hour’s guided, walking and silent meditation.  We welcome others to come and join us.

It would be wise for anyone wishing to come and join us, to phone in advance (calling Meg Beresford on 07835362774) or email to as she will be able to explain how to find the place we meet, on the edge of Wiston Lodge estate .We also arrange Mindfulness Days every two months or so and welcome others to join us and support our new Sangha.

Wiston Lodge has hosted a number retreats organised by The Wild Geese Sangha (Edinburgh), the Border Collie Sangha and other Scottish sanghas since 2002.

There are large rooms suitable for group meditation for up to 50 people; the cooks are skilled in provision of simple vegetarian and vegan meals using fresh and, where possible, locally sourced ingredients. The beautiful grounds are perfect for Walking Meditation whatever the weather.

(Wiston Lodge is an independent charity, formed in 2007. Its aim is to support the personal, social and emotional development of people, especially young people, facing the effects of disadvantage. The main building is a former hunting lodge, built in the 1870s, set in peaceful rural countryside. It is close to Biggar and Lanark and transport from Edinburgh and Glasgow.)

Wiston Lodge, Wiston, Nr Biggar, ML12 6HT

01899 850 228

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