Skype Sangha

This Sangha is an online Skype meditation group that sits on Thursday mornings starting at 7.30. The guided meditations that we use are from the book ‘The Blooming of a Lotus’ by Thich Nhat Hanh. The guided meditation finishes around 8.00 a.m. This is followed by an optional time of Dharma sharing for10-15 minutes. We do not use the Skype video facility during any part of the session – audio.
We are a small group with between 3 and 10 members sitting at any one time. We call ourselves the Daffodil (Skype) Sangha. It is particularly helpful for people who cannot attend a traditional Sangha for some reason.
Joining Instructions: If you want to join us in our sitting practice please email us. Nick will email you back with full joining instructions. Our group is free and open to anyone who has a Skype account and wishes to join, from any country and in any tradition.
We set the group up because we wanted support in our daily meditation practice and find that in facilitating or joining meditation sessions with others using Skype our individual meditation practice is enhanced. We are regularly joined by new members from around the world.
The Daffodil (Skype) Sangha is facilitated from the UK Community of Interbeing and our members are mostly based in the UK and Europe because of time zone differences.
The Daffodil (Skype) Sangha has no leaders. It is a group of friends brought together by their interest in meditation and the teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh. We warmly encourage anyone who would like to facilitate the morning meditations to learn how to do it. We have found that facilitating is supportive of our own practice. The intention was for every regular participant to facilitate from time to time. However there is no requirement for everyone to facilitate..
Please contact us.


+44 7717 626360